In addition to PAR-Q and blood pressure testing, Outland supplies the following types of training:



Outland is now an approved WFX-Fit testing agency. Please click for schedule and registration information.



Fire training for new trainees. SP-100 is a 40 hour course that spans 5 days. Class space is limited - applications are accepted on a first come - first serve basis.



Original SP-100 certificates must be re-certified every 2 fire seasons. If you were trained for the 2013 fire season - you would have to be retrained for the 2015 season.



Chainsaw training is a requirement for all S-200 fire fighters (crew bosses). One other Type II (SP-100) fire fighter per crew (4 people) requires chainsaw training as well. 




Within the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Aviation and Fire Management Program there are a maximum of 700 firefighter positions. This includes crewmember positions on Fire Ranger Crews, add-ons to Ranger Crews and Extra Firefighters (EFF) who are hired as required. These are potential positions available annually; actual availability varies year to year depending on the turnover. Vacancies are difficult to predict, as notification does not have to be provided until a few weeks before employment begins. A 30% annual turnover figure has been used, but each Fire Management Headquarters should be contacted directly as to actual job opportunities. Successful completion of the SP-100 firefighter training requirements does not guarantee.