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We started off as a group of motivated planters and reforestation remains a cornerstone of our business today. Our approach gives you the best earnings potential in a safe, planter-oriented environment. We work for the best clients in the industry and can provide a variety of work across the country.

We have been planting trees since 1985 and plant over 37 million trees annually. We offer our planters professionally run projects, a longer season and a commitment to improvement. We are owner operated and have been instrumental in advancing the working conditions and earnings of tree planters. This has led to a high return rate of our experienced planters, some of the best in the business.



We take pride in our award winning, industry leading safety program. We are certified to the highest safety rating in all the provinces we work in and we take our responsibility as an employer seriously.  We provide:

  •     Safety and Job specific training to all workers and management.
  •     WSIB/WCB approved, comprehensive Safety Program.
  •     Membership of Safe Workplace Ontario (SWO) since 2001.
  •     Membership of Alberta Partners in Injury Reduction (PIR).
  •     Membership on the Board of the Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association.  
  •     Safety Officer in each operation.  
  •     Certified First Aid personnel in every camp.
  •     Satellite phones in isolated camps.



A good camp is critical to the success of a planting project. Our camps are known to be the best equipped and tightly managed camps in the business and meet or exceed all government regulations. Our camps are well maintained and safe to ensure maximum comfort of our workforce. This includes:


  • Heated dining and drying tents.
  • Hot water and showers.
  • Certified camp cooks.
  • Delicious and plentiful food.
  • Fully functional kitchen trailers.
  • Hand washing stations.



We are extremely proud of the work that all of our staff has done to produce some of the highest average planter earnings in the industry. Have a look at some of our top planter’s statistics:

Top Tens

Hall of Fame 

1 Million Tree Planter Bios


All Companies need to recoup their costs for providing camp equipment, food and transportation to their workers. Outland has $20.00/day (plus applicable tax) Camp Costs in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba.  Our Quebec operations have $11.00/day Camp Costs.  Some of our competitors charge $25 to $30/day.



100% of our management is developed internally. Our field management typically average 6+ years of experience in the business. We have a high management to planter ratio which equals more attention for planters and higher earnings and a better season. Our Regional Managers and Operations Managers live in area we work in and visits camps on a regular basis. We have more delivery equipment which means no waiting for trees.



Outland works in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, and Alberta so we can offer a long planting season on multiple spring and summer projects.


Outland has nation-wide, year-round employment opportunities in planting and Camps.  More information on our camps can be found at Outland Camps.